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Useful Information Regarding Bursaries & Accessing a Study Loan




There are multiple bursary providers listed with information about the bursaries. Each provider have their own specific criteria, requirements for submission and deadlines. Please ensure to research accordingly and engage with the bursary provider directly on their application procedure, however feel free to ask us advice about bursary applications during your consultation or visit to one of our Open Days. It is advisable to have submitted your AFDA application, had your consultation with us and make use of your acceptance letter with your bursary application. We suggest applying for as many bursary providers as possible that you meet the criteria for, as well as considering provisional application for a study loan so you know whether this is an option for you.

We unfortunately cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the content not the terms, conditions or criteria of the bursaries should the information change after us publishing this document.
There are many financial institutions that offer student loans, including big banks and other financial service providers. Such as FUNDI, FNB, ABSA, Nedbank and Standard Bank. Every bank/institution have their specific criteria of what to apply with and will offer you a different interest rate. These are the fees that a bank charges you to borrow money from them. So shop around until you find the best deal that suits you. We recommend that once you have received your acceptance letter over email, that you use it to apply for your Study Loan in the year before you enrol and start studying at AFDA.

You can apply for multiple loans directly through STUDENT HERO. Student Hero is a free-of-charge consulting service for funding of tertiary education. Their squad is continuously working to keep on par with the available funding options and its prerequisites, to ensure that education can be delivered without the burden of financial uncertainties. They make their research available to their clients and education partners so that students can focus their energy on their own potential through further study. Go to or contact / 0615853490.
If you prefer, you could go into a branch of your selected provider or call them to fill in the application form. Some providers also allow you to apply on their website, so check that first, if it is easier for you.


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